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make light work with
Corys and Philips

Prizes you can win:

1st Prize NZ
Epic Rugby Weekend Experience at Eden Park in August
2nd Prize NZ
PS4 with Rugby 2018 game - 4 to be won
3rd Prize NZ
Rugby Ball - 100 to be won

we make light work


Passion, people and synergies are what make Corys a perfect wholesaler for Philips Lighting. Beyond the distribution of excellent products, we believe that sharing knowledge and (software) tools makes a big difference. Together with professional installers we make the best team to bring quality LED lighting to end customers.

Make Light Work 2018 Brochure


  • Full information on extensive range of LED lamps and luminaires
  • Compare LED products with the conventional technology
  • In renovation or new installations get maximum energy savings and optimum light quality by upgrading the existing luminaires one-for-one with LED luminaires
  • Improve the current lighting system by simply replacing conventional lamps with energy-efficient LED lights
  • Available in Corys stores nationwide

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  • Technical training
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This joint campaign is brought to you by  Corys and Philips.