e-Batten – easy to install

T8 e-batten TMS150

T8 e-batten TMS150

T8 e-batten TMS150

  • e-Batten – easy to install

    • Energy savings
    • Easy to install
    • Superior performance and extended lamp life


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Product family information

The new range of Philips fluorescent electronic battens are lightweight and easy to install thanks to their new cover plate. They're energy-efficient too, providing the perfect solution for virtually any commercial environment.The TMS150 range comes in the usual T8 models. Or you can choose the new TMS151 T5 models for even greater energy savings – up to 20% over standard T8 electronic battens. The new, high-quality European HFP111 programmed-start ballasts ensure superior performance and extended lamp life.The new e-battens can be adapted to a variety of environments using an extensive range of optional attachments that include prismatic diffusers, industrial reflectors and wire guards. Emergency and dimming options are available upon request.


Complies with the latest office-lighting standards
Latest electronic high-performance ballasts
Multiple optional accessories for specific tasks


Indoor commercial environments
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