Maxos LED Recessed – always spot on

Maxos LED, recessed

Maxos LED, recessed

Maxos LED, recessed

  • Maxos LED Recessed – always spot on

    • Maximum visibility of merchandise
    • Energy savings
    • Easy installation, no hazardous materials, and no maintenance


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Product family information

Maxos LED Recessed is a semi-modular recessed LED luminaire for shelf and gondola lighting. Thanks to its adjustable optic, the light can be aimed precisely at the products on the shelves or at signage. The dedicated beam shape results in maximum visibility of the merchandise on display and less spill light. The individual LEDs are shielded by anti-glare optics, thus ensuring visual comfort and creating an innovative ‘light line’ appearance.The luminaire’s astonishing system efficiency, combined with its maintenance-free operation and absence of hazardous materials, make it a truly green product.Maxos LED Recessed fits any shop floor layout. No additional ceiling profile is required: the ceiling tile can be laid directly on the flat luminaire rim, reducing installation time and material usage.


Highly efficient LED light engine
Advanced optical system
System efficiency above 79 lm/W
50,000 hours lifetime
Plug-and-play electrical connection (e.g. Wieland)


Shops and supermarkets
Petrol stations
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