Single intuitive tool to create the perfect match for your lighting application

MultiOne configurator

MultiOne configurator

MultiOne configurator

  • Single intuitive tool to create the perfect match for your lighting application

    • Single tool for programming in the factory and also during or after installation
    • One tool for all Philips programmable electronic drivers
    • Unprecedented flexibility in fine-tuning the driver operation mode


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Today’s manufacturers are able to offer perfectly tailored lighting solutions that are intelligent and so can also be adapted to tomorrow’s needs. Philips’ new configurable gear units with built-in control functions allow programming of the luminaire’s behavior in order to maximize energy savings and minimize environmental impact.Philips’ light configurator is the single intuitive system allowing users to configure all the different functions in every programmable driver from Philips. Creating the perfect match for the application has never been easier.


Up to 64 drivers configured at the same time
Debugging functions: data sniffing, command scripts and loops, data logging
Configuration functions: supported functions depend on the driver type
Supported programmable driver families: Xitanium, HF-R, HID-DynaVision
Works only in combination with Philips light configurator software


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