Luminous 14:
    Discussing with light

    Lima’s interactive facade  


    When Banco del Crédito de Peru (BCP) decided to redesign its headquarters in Limato, the aim was to bring it closer to the people. Lighting designer Claudia Paz created BCP Affinity, an interactive façade for the building that changed the face of one part of the city.


    The LEDs are set within projecting nodes to give a three-dimensional effect
    The media screen on the Banco del Crédito building acts as the canvas for an art piece for the city. It offers a number of different ‘shows’ aimed at different audiences. Many of the shows are interactive. Some include music, for example allowing audience members to add notes to a background piano melody. In another show it is possible to ‘open’ and ‘close’ the façade with orange and blue ArchiPoints. Other shows are inspired by nature. There is a moving sun with wind sounds and the sound of sand falling. Another show gives the impression of rainfall. Fireworks are used at Christmas, and there are constellations that allow people to switch on the stars of their choice. There is also an aurora with violet, purple and pink colors.


    Claudia Paz came up with this idea because she wanted to provide inspiration in an area of the city that had little character. The bank contacted her, having previously been looking to create an advertising media screen, which was not allowed by the local authorities. They knew that La Paz was a designer who likes integrating light and architecture, so that light has meaning for a city and its people.

    Massimilioano and Doriana Fuksas designed this lamp of combinable polyhedrons for the Fiera di Milano
    Massimilioano and Doriana Fuksas designed this lamp of combinable polyhedrons for the Fiera di Milano

    The design had to work on two levels. A person who is on the podium needed to feel the connection to the façade, and a person in a car a long way away also needed to see the façade and observe some movement. Paz therefore decided to use a 3D effect to make the installation more alive. With the LEDs, she chose the simplest solution possible; instead of using different layers of glass with LEDs inside, there are a lot of nodes floating within a structure, and the ArchiPoints add the powerful brightness at the end of the show.


    Arquileds played a key part in the project as there is no support for interactive technology in Peru, The company hires professionals from around the world, and it hired the entire team for the BCP Affinity project and took care of contacts and logistics. Arquileds also employed Nicholas Cheung from London to do the art direction.


    • Photography: Paz & Cheung
    • Drawings: Claudia Paz

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