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    Lighting designers can make the most of the opportunities that BREEAM provides. BREEAM measures the sustainability of buildings across a wide range of criteria.
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    In order to obtain the highest BREEAM score possible, building owners need to perform well in a number of assessment areas involving lighting. Fortunately, BREEAM’s requirements are in line with good design principles, and they ask designers to think about low carbon and low-impact methodology.

    We have produced a guide to BREEAM for lighting designers. The Philips guide looks in particular at one building, the Optima office, which is a virtual open-plan office with some cellular spaces. It provides a model that lighting designers can then adapt for their own project.

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    Visual comfort: Hea01


    This section requires that all fluorescent and compact-fluorescent lamps are fitted with high-frequency ballasts. Daylighting should meet good practice guidelines, and glare must be controlled. All seating positions within relevant parts of the building should be within 7m of a window or other permanent opening that offers adequate outside views. Illumination levels and zoning and occupancy controls should comply with local standards.The lighting designer must not only ensure that the lighting satisfies all these criteria, but also produce the documentation to prove that it does so.

    External lighting: Ene03


    The lighting design must ensure that energy-efficient lighting is fitted, and that it can demonstrate electricity-saving abilities. The lighting designer must ensure that the external light fittings are controlled through a time switch or daylight sensor, to prevent operation during daylight hours.

    Cyclist facilities: Tra03


    Supplying facilities for cyclists is obviously not primarily the responsibility of the lighting designer. However, the design team must demonstrate that lighting for cyclists complies with the criteria for external illumination.

    Unilever Green Station - interior staircases - Photo Augusto Da Silva-Graphix Images -  Architect Wilmotte & Associes

    Reduction of night-time light pollution: Pol04


    The design team must ensure that external lighting is concentrated in the appropriate areas. In addition, upward lighting must be minimized, reducing unnecessary light pollution, energy consumption and nuisance to neighboring properties.
    In addition, the lighting designer can give advice regarding areas that typically would fall outside the scope of their direct involvement, such as lifts and escalators. Similarly, the lighting designer should be aware of other areas that may have an impact on the overall use of light, like new bus stops.

    Unilever Green Station - outdoor nightime - Photo Augusto Da Silva-Graphix Images -  Architect Wilmotte & Associes

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