Outdoor lighting when you need it

    The right light helps you find your way when it's dark outside

    The power of motion by Philips

    Learn more about Philips Motion Sensor Technology


    How do you find your keys in the dark? How can you see who is at the front door? Or make sure you don't trip over anything when doing daily chores? Find out how you can with motion sensor technology.

    The power of sun by Philips

    Try the Philips solar LED technology

    Philips Solar garden lights are designed with high quality solar panels and LED lights to maximize sunlight collection for light that lasts longer. The length of time they provide light for depends on the amount of sunlight the solar panel receives. In good weather, that can be up to six hours’ worth of free lighting. Energy-saving features like an on/off switch or motion sensor means that whatever the weather or time of year, your outdoor areas will always be brightly lit.

    Want better lighting outside to let your garden shine?