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    Can the right light transform the mood of any home?

    Philips put it to the test in the most haunted place.

    The home should be a sanctuary - a place to relax and switch off, however research shows 1 in 3 (33%) people feel scared in their own home and 72% afraid of the dark too. Philips Lighting orchestrated a unique social experiment to prove lighting can transform any location. Taking one of Australia’s most haunted locations, Manly Quarantine Station, and transforming it using only Philips HUE and LED bulbs and minimal props, Philips ‘UnHaunted’ the location with light, turning it into a relaxing holiday home.

    Interior design expert Sarah Ellison who designed the lighting plan for the Philips Lighting ‘UnHaunting’ experiment believes that light can dramatically transform any space, “We took one of the most haunted locations in the country and made it feel like a warm, inviting sanctuary using a clever lighting plan that worked with the space.”


    Transform your home with lighting, view the ‘how to’ videos  to recreate the look.

    Philips presents lighting for well-being offering rich user experiences and improved lives.