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German Heart Institute,
Berlin, Germany

Find out how the German Heart Institute is using light to improve care for patients in critical condition.
Healwell - The German Heart Center Berlin

It is extremely

to us that the patients in our intensive care unit feel secure, comfortable and well looked after – both medically and emotionally. The all-encompassing HealWell lighting concept from Philips creates the optimum framework for this.”


- Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Roland Hetzer, Medical Director, German Heart Institute

Unique dynamic mood lighting in the patient room by Philips
Woman is walking in a corridor lit by Philips hospital lighting at German heart institute, Berlin

Customer challenge


The German Heart Institute in Berlin is a life-saving facility. Each year it undertakes around 3,000 open-heart operations and more than 1,500 additional surgical procedures. With patients often in critical condition, the institute sought a new way to improve care on the wards.

The right lighting 

Doctors at the German Heart Institute understand the importance of light. When extensive renovation was carried out at the facility, they were looking for a modern, controllable lighting concept that could assist patient recovery. Not only would this make it easier for staff to give treatment, but innovative lighting has been shown to have a positive effect on stress, sleep patterns and hormone release.


Philips HealWell was immediately prescribed. This patient room lighting system has been designed to support natural sleep rhythms by mimicking the natural light patterns outside. When patients enter hospital, they often have trouble sleeping, which can have a negative effect upon their health and mood. Not only does HealWell help to keep their sleep patterns normal, but light hues can be changed at the patient’s command, and the system complies with all hygiene regulations.


In the patient recreation room, additional comfort comes from luminous textiles. They deliver ever-changing ambience that soothes and relaxes, while also softening sound. The new lighting systems are helping the Institute to provide better care for patients, and a better working atmosphere for staff. Just what the doctor ordered.

Each patient is able to control the light in their room via remote control, using preferred colored settings. This gives them a greater sense of control, and an increased sense of wellbeing.



Luminous Textile

Luminous Textile


Improving wellbeing
with light

The Team

German Heart Institute, Berlin, Germany


Prof. Roland Hetzer


Thomas Michael Höhn


MRBS Architekten Berlin

Planning and Site Sup

IBP-Ingenieurbüro Pilz & Partner

Specialist Electrical

Philips Lighting, Juliane Lokat

Lighting consultant

Armin Mross

Project management

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