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Special Lighting

Light can make a difference in your world –that’s why we’re always developing products that help you work and live better.

Our innovative special lighting systems can help your everyday life in numerous ways, including many that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

The special lighting range includes lamps designed for three specific segments: Entertainment, UV Purification, and Health and Industry. Every lamp has been developed in close partnership with OEM partners to meet your needs in the most effective, efficient way.



Get ready to dazzle and delight spectators. Our cutting-edge lighting is designed meet the high demands of modern entertainment. That means performers look better, lighting designers can produce spectacular effects, and installers can do their job quickly and easily. And above all, the high durability of our lamps means that they will always make it to the final curtain.

Some of our most popular entertainment innovations are:

  • MSR Gold: Golden lamp caps enable higher temperatures
  • MSD and MSR Platinum: high beam intensity and a very narrow beam
  • MSR Gold FastFit: innovative lamp cap which enables quick lamp replacement
  • MSR Gold MIniFastFit: smaller lamps to enable smaller fixture designs

Add some of these state-of-the-art lamps to your repertoire, and give your audience a night to remember.

UV-C disinfection

UV-C disinfection

Bacteria and viruses that cause common infections can live in water and air, as well as on surfaces – even after normal cleaning. Philips UV-C lamp systems have the power to neutralise these harmful micro-organisms.

Our UV-C lamps disinfect surfaces and objects in a wide variety of settings. These include hospitals, schools, offices, factories, retail outlets and the food and beverage industry, as well as modes of transport like aircraft, buses and trains.

Philips UV-C lamps also be used to disinfect air in a room and keep HVAC systems clean. They work in upper air systems that disinfect passing air, open UV-C systems or robots that disinfect rooms and locations overnight or while rooms are not being used, as well as in air conditioning systems.

For water purification, Philips UV-C lamps can be applied in drinking and waste water treatment in residential, industrial and municipal applications. They can also be used to disinfect water in swimming pools, jacuzzis and fish ponds.


Purification through Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

Photocatalytic oxidation is the process of destroying organic substances by oxidation. The technology is well suited to remove low concentrations pollutants (ppb level) from water, air and surfaces.

Insect trap

Insect trap

Every year insects, pests and flies present a major threat to the food and beverage industry. One of the most effective ways to eliminate the problem is by attracting them to an electronic fly killer. But the power of that attraction is mainly defined by the lamps inside the fly killer and it is important to realise that not all lamps are the same.

Various UV-B applications

Various UV-B applications

Philips offers highly reliable TL(T12), PL-S and PL-L narrowband and broadband UV-B lamps suitable for various applications such as phototherapy, agriculture, curing and wellbeing.


Science and Industry

As a leading lighting company for more than 120 years, we have unrivalled expertise in specialist lamps for science and industry applications. Take our very broad range of halogens, for example. Their distortion-free quartz bulb, precise filament positioning and Color Rendering Index of 100 make them perfect for mission-critical systems. And then there are our Flexo print TL /R lamps, which have an internal reflector and produce the ideal UVA spectrum for optimal flexographic curing results.

Over the years, we have found that professional end users are searching for lamps with a high performance they can rely on, offering them great value for their money. This is exactly what we offer – so that you can give your customers exactly what they need. Find out more about our range and their specifications on the next pages.

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