Auckland, New Zealand

Ferry Building

New-look Auckland
Ferry Building 

The Auckland Ferry Building is located in the centre of Auckland city on the waterfront and is the hub of the ferry network.

The entire project has been 

completely seamless,

from the supply of the light fittings, to the ultimate performance of the lights. The design and position has been perfect and has complemented our designs effortlessly. We intuitively knew it would look great, the renderings convinced us and the result is fantastic.”


- Peter Reed, Architect, Salmond Reed Architects

Customer challenge


As the building is protected by both the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and Auckland Council, considerable care was required in respect to the design and placement of the lighting mounting brackets and to the sensitive concealment of the cabling. The opportunity to enliven the street façade and clock tower of this protected building through lighting came about because scaffolding was being erected to the south façade and tower repairs to the masonry structure – a once in 25 year event.

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The right lighting 



The SolutionSalmond Reed Architects proposed adding external lighting as part of their engagement to undertake general maintenance work on the building, and the idea was supported by the building’s owners, Auckland City Council, Heart of the City and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Because of the classical nature of the building, the preference was for white light rather than colour. Night time renderings of the proposed lighting convinced all parties that the lighting would provide considerable enhancement to the building. The outcome fully reinforces that view.

Philips Lighting provided all aspects of the LED lighting project, including services such as design consultation, managing the installation with local contractors, the programming, commissioning and overall project management. “The entire project has been completely seamless, from the supply of the light fittings, to the ultimate performance of the lights. The design and position has been perfect and has complemented our designs effortlessly,” adds Peter Reed from Salmond Reed Architects.

Detailed drawings of the light fittings positions were critical to the success of the installation especially where the building’s exterior fabric was to be penetrated or fixed to. On site commissioning was a collaborative effort by all parties involved in the project.

Benefits The Philips Color Kinetics luminaires and control systems allow for full programming and adjustability. The light can vary from warm, soft white through to a crisp, more vibrant white. They can also be programmed to be dimmed to the most appropriate level, and switched according to time and season. As well as the aesthetic value of the new lighting, it is significantly more energy efficient (LED lighting is up to 80% more energy efficient than conventional lighting) and there are additional benefits from a better-lit public space. The highly focused light distribution from the new lighting also ensures minimal light spilling away from the building.

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Lighting the Ferry
Building in Auckland

The Team

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