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City.People.Light program

The City.People.Light program is an open platform that researches, demonstrates and exchanges the role of lighting in the city of the future with lighting professionals, enhancing the lives of people around the globe.


It began in 1996 as a research project that revealed exciting potential for the use of light in urban environments. The findings inspired many lighting professionals to develop exciting new illumination concepts.


Today, many of those concepts are transforming the way our cities look and feel at night. The program continues to engage with lighting professionals around the world, supporting creative projects and exploring the relationship between city, people and light.


For example each year, the city.people.light awards recognize the outdoor lighting projects that have done the most to enhance well-being for citizens.


The program contains different elements


Urban lighting services & tools


Scape your city with light. We supply all the products and tools you need to design great urban and architectural lighting ideas, and the services you need to bring them to life.

Nicely lit square at Geneva, Switzerland with Philips urban lighting


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