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  • A complete disinfection solution, based on cutting-edge technology optimized for Point-of-Use applications
  • A real breakthrough that overcomes the limitations of current UV technology
  • Exciting business opportunities for businesses
  • A simply safer solution from a name you can trust – Philips

Clean, safe drinking water – everyone’s right

  • All over the world, safe drinking water is a precious resource that cannot be taken for granted. Everyone has a right to safe drinking water at home. Everywhere.
  • At anytime. Yet water quality in general is declining Philips is committed to the pursuit of health and well-being solutions – such as the advance of UV technology for water treatment

How does UV technology work

  • 3 Categories of ultraviolet light (A, B and C)
  • UVC (wavelength 100 – 280 nanometers) has powerful germicidal qualities
  • UVC deactivates microorganisms, whether carried in water, air or on surfaces
  • UVC renders bacteria, viruses and spores harmless
  • There are no known pathogens resistant to UVC

Advantages of UVC disinfection

  • It's a natural way of making sure water is safe to drink
  • It does not alter the taste, pH or other properties of the water
  • Does not add chemicals or anything else that may be harmful to our health or the environment
  • Effective against all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Why choose Philips?


Our comprehensive portfolio of UV lamp systems and modules is always at the forefront of innovation


Best-in-class product reliability ensuring constant UV output and long lifetime



We develop new systems based on your and your customers' needs

When you work with us, you deal with one supplier for your total lamp system

Global presence with local offices