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Lighting product range

Electronic Control Gear

HF Regulator Intelligent Touch & DALI for T5, TL5, TL5 Eco, TLD and PLL

HF Regulator 1 - 10V Dimming

  • HF Regulator 1 - 10V Dimming Datasheet

HF Performer III (Fixed Output) for TLD

  • HF Performer III (Fixed Output) for TLD Datasheet

HF Performer Intelligent (Fixed Output) for TL5, TLD, PL and TL5C

HID-PrimaVision Mini I Type

  • HID-PrimaVision Mini I Type Datasheet

HID-PrimaVision Mini S Type

  • HID-PrimaVision Mini S Type Datasheet

HID-AspiraVision and PrimaVisio I and FP Types

HID-AspiraVision and PrimaVision S Type

HID PrimaVision Medium Wattage

HID PrimaVision Xtreme for CPO

ET-S Halogen Transformer

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