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    Protecting Motherwell FC football players with UV-C lighting

    Motherwell FC

    In response to the pandemic, Motherwell FC has installed Philips UV-C disinfection devices to help keep their football players safe going on and off the pitch.
    Philips UV-C disinfection lighting at Motherwell FC, Scotland
    Motherwell FC, Scotland

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    For athletes, staying at the peak of physical health is a way of life and top clubs take every measure possible to protect their players.  For Scottish Professional Football Club, Motherwell, keeping their first team healthy and at the top of their game is paramount. The club does everything it can to help protect players from the threat of COVID-19 today, and from any future threats.

    The UV-C lighting solution


    In response to the pandemic, Signify’s UV-C Partner, McCann Electrical, installed Philips UV-C disinfection upper air wall-mounted devices in the tunnel the players use to go from their changing room to the pitch.

    The units are suspended on brackets from the ceiling.  This high position, in combination with the luminaires’ design, allows the system to disinfect air as it circulates the room, even when there are people present.

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