Better sleep 

    for patients

    Bradford Royal Infirmary,
    Bradford, UK

    See how lighting is improving wellbeing and aiding sleep for patients of Bradford Royal infirmary.
    Healwell Case Study - Bradford Royal Infirmary

    Overall the lighting 
    solutions have

    helped the appearance of the wards so they look lighter, brighter and more welcoming. There’s definitely a change in how patients feel about their environment; they report feeling more relaxed and calmer."
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    More relaxing ambience in the patient rooms - Philips

    Customer challenge


    Dealing with dementia is difficult for even the hardiest of people. Seeking a way to improve wellbeing and comfort for its patients during their stay, Bradford Royal engaged with Philips to see how lighting could help.

    The right lighting 


    With growing numbers of patients suffering from dementia, healthcare bodies are striving to find ways they can provide better care for patients. At the dementia ward in Bradford Royal infirmary, there was an ongoing project to promote person-centred care, improve interaction between patients and staff, and reduce episodes of agitation. The ward also sought to improve patient and staff morale.


    Philips was ready to lend a helping hand. We were able to improve conditions for patients by installing Dynamic Lighting systems, which create a bright ambience in the day, helping to keep patients awake so that they sleep better at night. This is particularly helpful for dementia sufferers, who often sleep through the day and find it hard to rest at night. In addition to helping patients rest, the bright clear light of the Dynamic Lighting system, coupled with newly installed LuxSpace LED Compact downlights, helps staff to stay alert and focused.


    In addition to these upgrades, HealWell systems were installed in patient rooms in the ward. The systems automatically dim and brighten throughout the day, mimicking natural light patterns which affect human sleep cycles. In addition, patients can adjust the hue of the light from their beds, giving them a reassuring feeling of control over their environment. The end result is less agitation, better rest, and an easier job for staff.


    The benefits to the infrastructure of the estate is that it’s all on a time clock, so it runs itself and in the 11 to 12 months since the solution was installed we’ve not had to come out to look at any repairs or anything”, noted Shane Embleton, Project Manager Estates Design.

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