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    SceneSwitch - Switch the light, set the scene

    Create your own scene with one bulb, by simply using your existing switch. Unlike standard LED’s, these Philips bulbs offer multiple settings without needing to install a dimmer.

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    Experience SceneSwitch - Change the ambiance with your existing switch

    Experience SceneSwitch

    Sometimes you feel like a change in ambiance to suit whatever you’re doing. With a Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb, you can easily change the setting from a bright light, to a natural light, to a cozy warm glow. No dimmer or additional installation is required. All you need is your existing switch.

    One bulb, three light settings

    From bright light

    From bright light

    A brighter more intense light to help you focus and experience every detail.
    Philips SceneSwitch - bright light
    To natural light

    To natural light

    A less intense, natural light creates an inviting ambiance to host friends or wind down with a book.
    Philips SceneSwitch - natural light
    To a cosy warm glow

    To a cosy warm glow

    A cosy warm glow to help you relax and enjoy the moment.
    Philips SceneSwitch - warm glow

    How does SceneSwitch work

    Three light settings


    This allows you to switch from functional lighting to natural light and to a cosy warm glow.

    3 steps WarmGlow dimming

    Simply plug and play


    No dimmer or additional installation needed.
    Works with your existing light switch on the wall.

    Simply plug and play

    Auto Memory –built-in memory chip


    The lamp can memorise your last setting automatically if the switch is turned off for longer than 6 seconds.

    Auto memory

    RESET - Multiple lamp synchronisation


    If multiple lamps are used and they are no longer synchronised, simply toggle the switch (turn it on and off again within 1 second) to restore the lamps to the default factory setting.

    Reset - Multiple lamps

    Non dimmable


    This lamp is not suitable for use with dimmers.

    If used on a dimmer please set the dimmer setting to 100% brightness.

    Different light settings from just one bulb


    Some situations call for cool light, others benefit from the ambiance of a warm cozy glow. With Philips SceneSwitch LED lamps, you can have different light settings from just one bulb, candle or spot. And no dimmer required! Optimise your lighting for relaxing, hobbies, recreation or working. Just with the flick of a switch. And that’s with the switch you already have! Whichever SceneSwitch lamp you choose, they all have the same flexibility of different light settings in just one lamp. And they all work with your existing switch. No extra installation required.

    In the spotlight

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    How to, wiki and tutorial


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    The right light is everything

    The right light is everything

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    Dimmer Compatibility

    Dimmer compatibility

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