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    Real professionals choose Philips Coreline for every project where light really matters

    Smart installers never say “no” to saving time and  money. And with Philips CoreLine LED luminaires, they will never  have to. Because Philips CoreLine offers a full range  of LED lighting solutions that keep installation time  to a minimum, while saving a maximum of energy.

    Whether old or new – optimal LED lighting can transform  a building into something truly special and turn it into  a place where people enjoy working and living. Give your customers that “wow” moment with Philips CoreLine LED luminaires: the complete range of high quality LED lighting that’s setting the reference in the market. Because when light really matters, you don’t want to take a chance.


    CoreLine luminaires are the first Interact Ready LED luminaires and work seamlessly with the intuitive Interact Pro app and dashboard.


    The efficient design of the  CoreLine LED fixures enables  replacement of existing lights, with no need for expensive re-wiring or new ceiling configurations.

    High quality

    At the heart of CoreLine’s high-quality light is LED technology. Its long lifetime enables you to meet every demand and provide the best lighting solution.
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    Coreline Downlight


    The CoreLine Downlight is a new LED downlight range combining light efficiency and comfort with product diversity and system compatibility. The CoreLine Downlight is available in a wide range of lumen packages, sizes and two IP ratings to suit all applications.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Up to 110 lm/W ensuring high system efficacy
    • Standard, simple cut-out and spring-clip mount,
    • with flex and plug for quick and easy installation
    • IP20 or IP54, ensuring suitability for most
    • environments
    • Two reflectors; high gloss white or aluminium
    • Multiple lumen outputs providing design flexibility
    • Options available for Interact Pro connected lighting system
    CoreLine Downlight
    Highbay IP65

    CoreLine Highbay IP65

    The Philips CoreLine IP65 Highbay is designed as a replacement for conventional HPI 250 or 400W metal halide luminaires. It comes complete with a flex and plug and single point suspension, making connection quick and easy to install. The Coreline IP65 also features a new round dedicated optic, providing a softer more natural light.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Strong energy saving credentials – system efficacy @135lm/W
    • Round exit window design - for easy alignment
    • when installing multiple highbays in a row
    • An additional reflector
    • Robust & reliable with a long service lifetime
    • 50,000 hrs @L70 lifetime @35˚C
    • High quality aluminium die cast heatsink ensuring a
    • long life in harsh environments
    CoreLine SlimDownlight downlighters Led armatuur
    Highbay IP40

    CoreLine Highbay IP40


    Replaces traditional Philips 400W metal halide and T5 highbays.

    The IP40 Coreline highbay has an attractive high quality design with an assortment of different optics including a high rack option. With advanced options, such as a ZigBee Actilume wireless control system, system energy saving can reach up to 88% when to compared to traditional high bay luminaires.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • System efficacy of up to 140lm/W offers up to 73%
    • energy saving compared to traditional HID systems
    • Three different distributions to precisely illuminate
    • space efficiently
    • Robust aluminium extrusion body and quality Xitanium drivers ensuring luminaire longevity
    CoreLine Recessed
    Panel UGR19

    CoreLine Panel UGR19

    The Philips Coreline Panel is the slimmest panel with very class leading efficiency and office compliant UGR 19. There are two offers featuring two lumen packages and with three sizes: 300X1200, 600x600 and 600x1200. For total flexibility there are three mounting options: recessed, suspended and direct mount (for applications such as plaster ceilings.)


       Key Features and Benefits

    • 60% more engery efficient compared to conventional TL Solutions
    • Suspended, Flush or recessed mount
    • UGR19 office compliant
    • Options available for Interact Pro connected lighting system
    CoreLine Panel

    CoreLine Troffer

    Designed for retro fit projects replacing traditional florescent troffer packs. With the latest in LED technology, high light quality and efficiency gains can be made. Three sizes: 300X1200, 600x600 and 600x1200. Available in recessed, suspended and surface mounting options, ensuring consistent look and feel.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • 60% more energy efficient compared to conventional troffer packs.
    • Available in recessed, suspended and surface
    • mounting options, ensuring consistent look and feel
    • Slim design with overall height of less than 46mm
    • Options available for InterAct Pro connected lighting system
    CoreLine Recessed spot
    Tango Floodlight

    CoreLine Tango Floodlight

    Building on the established Tango reputation, it is the perfect solution for a wide range of area lighting applications and replaces traditional HID floodlights. Incorporating integrating heat sink and driver into one compact and robust housing making it suitable for a wide range of environments.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional floodlights
    • Supplied standard with symmetric wide beam optic, other options and wattages are available to suit most applications.
    • 15KV/KA surge protection, non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and galvanised bracket make it ideal for harsh environments.
    CoreLine Projecktor

    CoreLine Batten


    The Coreline batten family delivers superior performance, output and energy efficiency in an affordable package. It is the perfect retrofit solution for conventional battens. With a wider base and no visible mounting brackets replacement of an existing batten has never been so easy.

    With a wider base and no visible mounting brackets replacement of an existing batten has never been so easy.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Excellent replacement for T8 and older battens.
    • Surface mount with no visible brackets
    • Emergency option available (AS2293 compliant)
    CoreLine Surface mounted
    Widebody Waterproof Batten

    CoreLine Widebody Waterproof Batten


    It’s the ideal retrofit solution for conventional systems. With a wider base, sturdy and robust finish, multiple knock-outs and the ability for through wiring, installation is hassle-free and simple. Available in an emergency option – AS2293 compliant.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Wide base for direct replacement of T8 battens
    • Available in an emergency option – AS2293 compliant
    • Options available for Interact Pro connected lighting system
    CoreLine Wall mounted
    CoreLine Bulkhead

    CoreLine Bulkhead


    The circular-shaped surface mounted luminire is easy to apply in areas such as hallways and staircases. The modern unobstrusive desgin, i combination with the homogenous light distribution it delivers, ensures that this luminaire blends into most buildin architectures. With the push-in connectors, installation is fast andd straightforward. 


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Three lumen packages for diverse applications. Slim and unobstrusive design. 
    • Direct replacement for traditional wall and ceiling mounted luminaires.
    • Options available with emergency, motion detection,daylight sensing, dimmning and grouping functions.
    • IP65 and IP64 ratings for the wall and ceiling models respectively.
    CoreLine Surface mounted
    CoreLine Slim Batten

    CoreLine Slim Batten


    With efficiency of 100lm/W these battens deliver superior performance, output and energy efficiency in a slim compact package. The BN126C is packed with many simple, well thought out features that will make it the batten of choice for a wide range of applications.


       Key Features include:

    • Simple toolless front diffuser design, making installation fast and simple, The front diffuser is completely pluggable can be quickly removed for even easier mounting,
    • Suspended mounting via built in clips,
    • Centre fed and end fed built in,
    • Simple continuous linear trucking can be achieve via the build in continuous clip system.
    • Available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft lengths in both cool white and day light options.
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    CoreLine Slim Batten
    Coreline Panel

    Coreline Panel


    This functional, edge-lit LED panel is suitable for general lighting applications. This affordable light panel delivers high efficacy and uniform light output in an economical package.


       Key Features and Benefits

    • Energy efficient edge-lit panel.
    • Delivers comfortable light with excellent uniformity.
    • Visually appealing without being intrusive.
    coreline panel

    Cases and tools

    Smart. Efficient. Intuitive.


    Interact Pro is an intuitive app and dashboard specifically designed to bring the power of connected lighting to small and medium sized business. 

    Philips LED Lamps

    Philips LED lamps: for the perfect ambience


    Philips LED lamps are designed to create beautiful ambiences with a choice of visual effects and dimming possibilities that you can tailor to each application.

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