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With energy costs going through the roof, many companies are more aware of their energy consumption than ever. After all, lighting on average represents up to 25% of electricity consumption in buildings*. By supporting them in making the switch to Philips LED now, you can help your customers save up to 75%** energy compared with conventional lighting! And all that at attractive payback times of only five months*** (depending on the selected product). With the savings you help pass on to your customers, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate your business for even more lighting projects!

* By upgrading from conventional to LED with advanced lighting controls (Source: Building Energy Exchange 2017)
** According to Signify modelling and market intelligence data
*** Based on Philips MASTER LEDtube Ultra Efficient T8

Get ready for the EUʼs ban of fluorescent lights

Get ready for the EUʼs ban of fluorescent lights

The EU is convinced of the many benefits of switching to more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient LED lighting: with the implementation of EU Ecodesign (SLR) Regulation on 1 September 2021 and with the amended RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive at the start of 2022, EU countries will phase out numerous light sources, for example CFL-ni, linear fluorescent lamps (T5/T8) may no longer be placed on the market in the European Union from 24 February 2023 and 24 August 2023 respectively.

Provide your customers with future-proof, easy-to-install and outstanding-quality Philips LED lamps and luminaires. making the transition to LED as easy as possible in every application.


Make sure that you’re ready for the CFL-ni lamp ban

Don’t get left in the dark. With sky-high energy costs, and the amended Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive banning Compact Fluorescent non-integrated lamps from 24 February 2023, there’s never been a better time to switch and save.

Experience a future-proof solution with the wide range of Philips CorePro PL LED lamps that directly replace compact fluorescent lamps non-integrated (CFL-ni) in every application. They boost your business with:

  • Lifetime of up to 30,000 hours
  • Up to 67% savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Easy 1-1 replacement 
  • Fast installation, minimal downtime

The RoHS ban on CFL-ni was put into effect on 24 February 2023

The RoHS ban on linear fluorescent lamps (T5/T8) will be effective on 24 August 2023

Switch to LED now!

Time is running out: Switch to LED – powered by the EU

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Download our leaflet to learn everything you need to know about EU regulations and to see which lamps are affected, by when they will be phased out and the complete overview of recommended Philips LED replacements.

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EU subsidies for sustainable lighting

The European Green Deal has a very ambitious goal: to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve that goal, the EU and governments are, amongst others, funding renovation and new lighting projects that use energy-efficient LED and connected solutions.

Download our white paper to find out how you or your customers can tap into these subsidies – for an even easier switch to LED.

Be prepared – with Philips LED solutions

SLR overview

Products already placed on the market before phase-out may still be sold after these dates, but they may no longer be placed on the market.

Philips LED – turning conventional into sensational

Fast and easy to fit

Philips LED lamps and tubes are true retrofit, making them a hassle-free to install solution

Full portfolio

Philips offers a high-quality LED lighting solution for every need and budget


Low energy consumption and a longer lifetime make LED lighting the sustainable choice

Trusted performance

Highest standard LED technology guarantees low maintenance and best lighting results

Philips LED lamps and tubes for efficient replacement

Philips LED luminaires for efficient replacement

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LED conversion tool

Easily find the best LED alternative to replace conventional or outdated lamps.


Visit the Lighting Academy to learn about LED conversion, our tools, our portfolio and products.

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