Maxos fusion – redefining the standard in trunking

Adaptable LED trunking system where quality, performance and flexibility meet

Freedom to position and re-position

Maxos fusion rail is the flexible, future-proof trunk that underpins the system. Positioning freedom makes it easy to upgrade/add/change components on the rail to extend the life of the backbone.

High efficiency and long life

With very high efficacy options (up to 185 lm/W) and very long lumen maintenance (100,000 hours at L80), designers can create optimised, bespoke solutions with an attractive total cost of ownership.

High quality of light, excellent uniformity and colour consistency

Maxos fusion offers multiple flux/beam and colour choices, plus a specially designed portfolio. OptiSuit lenses for unmatched performance with visibly superior quality of light.

Covers extensive applications

The ideal choice for a wide range of applications and lighting requirements from retail supermarkets and hypermarkets, to industry production floors and distribution centres and warehouses.

Ready to connect

Dedicated sensor units enable you to take full advantage of Interact system propositions so that customers can make data-driven decisions in retail and industrial applications.

A solution for all

Maxos fusion rail accommodates up to 13 wires in the trunk, so it can handle a wide variety of electrical circuit options, including emergency lighting to fit specific project demands.

The trunking system for retail and industry


In addition to helping you save on energy costs and improve sustainability, Maxos fusion gives you the power to design a shop concept with a customisable ambiance. Use the Maxos fusion trunking system as the flexible backbone enabling you to update according to new shop layouts or trends in a very efficient way. Thanks to the combination of the trunk with the family of fixtures – including spots and non-linear – you can efficiently and in a non-disruptive way update your shop lighting to match new concepts.


Creating a safe environment is the first priority for industrial spaces. Now you can comply with industry regulations at the same time as maximising the value of your investment with Maxos fusion. If you’re looking for a general lighting solution with excellent performance, Maxos fusion offers a high level of great energy savings and minimum maintenance costs over a long and reliable lifetime.

Maxos fusion panel

OptiSuit: The optics solution for superior lighting in retail and industry

OptiSuit is a series of different optics that can be configured in electrical panel luminaires. The unique design provides precisely the right light, exactly where it is required, for retail and industry applications. This is important, given the very different needs that drive retail and industry customers. But, crucially, the light is delivered with the highest quality and uniformity to create a consistent look whatever the application.

The complete OptiSuit beam portfolio for retail lighting applications

The optics solution

The complete OptiSuit beam portfolio for industry lighting applications

OptiSuit industry

Maxos fusion is designed for the circular economy

The five vital benefits for our customers and our planet

What if we enable your luminaires to meet your evolving needs beyond their rated service life from start to finish – including service and repair, upgrades and replacements – while you just enjoy the best lighting performance?

Specifiers benefit

Installation demonstration

Maxos fusion is a diverse trunking family offering solutions for a range of applications. At its heart, it consists of the Maxos fusion rail, the backbone of the trunking infrastructure, Maxos fusion panels that can be mounted flexibly along the length of the backbone and a whole range of mounting accessories to cater to different project requirements. Installation of the Maxos fusion system is simple and with a few steps, you can be ready to enjoy the Maxos fusion lighting quality. See the installation demonstration video for more information. Furthermore, we have created a dedicated configuration tool, which in a few simple steps helps to translate your lighting design to a Maxos fusion order book. See the configurator link to learn more.


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