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    When you need to get the job done right, you can count on Philips LED technology. With the widest range of LED lamps, fixtures and controls – we can satisfy every customer need.


    LED technologies are rapidly changing, creating plenty of new opportunities. As a trusted name in lighting, we understand your challenges and can help you build your business.


    You’re no handyman, you’re a real professional. Someone who can be relied on to get the job done. Someone who plans well, executes fast and works efficiently. Real professionals count on Philips Lighting.

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    Connected lighting means that LED lights with integrated sensors are connected to application software, opening up a whole new world of opportunities.


    No matter what your customer´s lighting needs are, Philips offers a wide product range of Interact Ready luminaires and lamps created for a maximum of performance personalization and design. All components, including wireless sensors and wall switches are interoperable, upgradeable and made to provide customers with the light, comfort and convenience their business deserves.

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    Welcome to the training program for electrical installers. We offer a comprehensive range of educational resources for installers who want to expand their LED and Interact Pro connected lighting knowledge. Join us and other 1200+ Club Blue members on the journey to stay up-to-date with the lighting technology and industry. This program is facilitated by Signify Lighting University. Get certified today!




    Welcome to the training program for our distributors. It is important that distributor staff is up-to-date with the latest lighting technologies and trends to serve your installers and end user customers betters. We offer a comprehensive range of educational resources in LED and IoT lighting knowledge. Join us on our Club Blue journey to keep you up-to-date with lighting technology and industry. Get certified today!

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    Our aim is to make it easy to build your business. That’s why we combine a full range of LED lamps and luminaires with easy-to-use downloads, tools and installation advice. 



    Any installation questions? Check our installation videos for CoreLine luminaires and LED tubes.