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    Cinema Xenon Lamps

    Everyone enjoys going to the cinema to see the latest films. Today, digital projection is revolutionizing the way people experience the movies. Who can forget the powerful images from 3D films?


    These images are made possible by digital projection systems equipped with digital cinema lamps. Our lamps are used worldwide to light movie screens for the entertainment of Millions of people. Our Digital Cinema lamps are officially certified and approved for use in Barco, NEC and Sony projectors. In addition to high product quality and reliability, our dedicated team of well-trained technical specialists, sales and customer support officers is fully committed to delivering you the best service in the cinema industry.

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    Precision engineering

    At our factory, dedicated to the development and production of Cinema Xenon lamps, we employ only the most highly qualified operators to produce all our short arc digital lamps. Together with expertise from our glass manufacturing and engineering specialists in other divisions of Philips, this ensures our lamps are manufactured to the highest quality.

    All our lamps are US-made with the utmost precision, employing the latest technologies and techniques. From the electrodes and connectors to clever sealing technologies, just ten to twelve specialists will be involved in the manufacture of a typical lamp. Each lamp is individually tested to check that it ignites properly and that its electrical characteristics meet the specifications. 100% Inspections are built into the manufacturing process at multiple stages to ensure its highest quality before it is released. Moreover, the latest vision systems are employed to provide active operator feedback to ensure complete uniformity. Extensive training and certification is required before our operators can produce digital cinema lamps.
    Building lamp seal assembly. Multiple layers of glass with different expansion coefficients are built up under vision system guidance, to allow the seal to compensate for the difference in expansion rates between quartz and tungsten.

    Lamp sealing process. The electrode assemblies are inserted into the lamp envelope and the quartz material is fused together to provide a strong, gas-tight seal.



    Building lamp seal assembly.

    Building lamp seal assembly. Multiple layers of glass with different expansion coefficients are built up under vision system guidance, to allow the seal to compensate for the difference in expansion rates between quartz and tungsten.
    Operator sealing a xenon lamp.

    Operator sealing a xenon lamp. Most lamp manufacturing operations are performed on specialized glassworking lathes.
    Overview of lamp sealing operation

    Overview of lamp sealing operation, showing vision systems which provide real time feedback to the operator of arc gap and electrode concentricity.


    The thickness of the electrode glass seal assemblies are 100% inspected using a high accuracy digital microscope, to ensure all assemblies are built within specification.

    Philips Cinema Xenon lamps  are 100% tested

    Lamp sealing process. The quartz glass is heated red hot during an annealing step to remove stress.


    Installation of metal fittings on the end of the lamp. The metal fittings are unique to each model of digital and film projector and are held in place by compression rings. The dimension from the cathode end base and cathode tip is carefully controlled to ensure the cathode tip is in the focal point of the reflectors inside the projector.


    Close-up of lamp Xenon gas filling process.


    Philips Cinema Xenon lamps are 100% tested.


    Philips Cinema lamps are fully covered by the best warranty in the cinema industry. Please contact your local Philips representative for warranty coverage and procedure.


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    Why our customers work with us

    Worldwide approval


    Philips Cinema Xenon lamps have been specially designed to provide the optimum performance from today’s digital projection equipment. All our lamps are certified and approved for use in Barco, NEC and Sony projectors.


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    Icon AMC

    “The key to our success is to partner with companies who are proactive rather than reactive. We appreciate the support we get from Philips and consider them a valuable partner.”


    Dan Huerta, VP Digital Cinema Technology at AMC Theatres

    Bardan logo

    As distributor of one of the biggest cinema chains in Puerto Rico, Carribean Cinemas, we are fully committed to making each visit to our theater special. It is definitely with reason that we have reached almost 100% conversion to Digital Cinema. As part of our commitment to create the best cinema experience, we have taken several months to assess the quality of the Philips Digital Cinema Xenon lamps. During this extensive testing we have concluded that the Philips Digital Cinema Xenon lamps offer the best quality and value for money in the market. Moreover, the recently improved cathode has further increased their luminosity. Without doubt this has resulted into a strong partnership that is already lasting for more than eight years.


    Vilma Benitez, Vice President of Operations - Miami, Florida

    Cini project logo

    "Specialized in Cinema and AV-technology, we have gained a reputation for offering the best quality level and know-how. Not only do we personally commit to this, but also require the same from our suppliers. Lamps are a key component of cinema projectors. Long lifetime, constant high brightness, reliability and meaningful innovations are all important aspects for a seamless movie projection and satisfied customers. In Philips we have found a reliable and competent partner on all aspects, sharing our passion for moving images."


    Philips LightVibes


    Contact our team for more information or to schedule a LightVibes demo screening.


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    Lighting-up event cinema, pre-show ambiance and advertising! The full solution includes: LED lighting system, TMS playout and pro Authoring tools.

    Cinema Xenon 

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    Xenon lamp replacement

    Discover our instructional series on how to replace and align Cinema Xenon lamps in various projectors.


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    Find the right lamp for your projector

    Philips Digital Cinema Xenon lamps are customized by projector model to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in either 2D or 3D applications. They are the ultimate choice for the most demanding requirements of today's digital cinema projectors.

    Find out which Philips Digital Cinema Xenon lamp offers the best fit and lowest total cost of ownership for your equipment.


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    The Philips Cinema Xenon lamps can be obtained via our distribution network. There is always a distributor near you.


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    Philips Cinema lamps news

    An XDC 6501 B

    New XDC 6501B

    Our new high performance 6500W Cinema Xenon lamp is specifically designed for the Barco DP2K-32B and DP4K-32B digital cinema projectors. This new lamp has been tested and approved by Barco and comes with the longest 100% warranty in the industry (600 hours). Thanks to the extremely wide operating power range, it is easy for cinemas to switch between 3D and 2D without changing the lamp house or defocusing the lamp. The XDC 6501B has exceptional arc stability and a highly robust cathode design providing low flicker levels throughout life.

    Go to Philips XDC 6501B



    Philips stand at the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) held in Beijing, China

    Philips @ BIRTV

    In August, Philips participated in the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) held in Beijing, China. BIRTV is the top exhibition in China for the radio, film and TV industry. China is the fastest growing cinema market in the world, with an estimated 18 new screens being added every day. At the show, Philips introduced its new lamp for IMAX projectors, and further expanded its contacts and relationships with the major exhibitors and dealers.
    Philips stand at the CineEurope exhibition held in Barcelona , Spain

    Philips @ CineEurope

    In June, Philips had a presence at the CineEurope exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. CineEurope is the largest European exhibition and conference dedicated to the cinema industry. Philips had meetings with key European exhibitors and dealers.

    Philips @ CineAsia

    In December, Philips participated in the CineAsia conference and exhibition in Hong Kong. CineAsia brings together cinema industry professionals from across Asia. In its booth, Philips highlighted its new XDC 6500BI lamp for IMAX applications, as well as its broad range of digital xenon lamp models.